Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bobcast 107 Heat 97

Disheartening loss to a team that had won only one game on the road coming in to today, made worse by the fact that Miami led by nineteen in the first quarter. Miami spent the rest of the game being outworked, outquicked, and pushed around, including Dwyane Wade who was physically overwhelmed on both ends of the court by Stephen Jackson. Brutal. With a daunting road schedule ahead, this was a bad, bad home loss, one that drops Miami to 16-15 overall.

Attended the game with O. and P. Minutos. Their respective scorecards: O. - pizza, cotton candy, ice cream; P - hot dog (dog only, no bun), cotton candy, ice cream, somewhere between 4-12 bathroom breaks. Followed it up with dinner on South Beach at Big Pink with Julia Roberts (not the real one). Why, you may ask, did I take a 5 year old and a 7 year old to South Beach for dinner on a Saturday night? Good question: Because that's how we do!

Anyways, M.Minutos used the alone time to get a massage, relax, and then watch the game on tv. Found a little time to craft her own perspective on the game, so instead of 6 Thoughts, as a special treat, we are giving her the floor. Without no further ado:

You may use any or none of my report. I just felt it was my responsibility to contribute since you were at the game.

As always, I’m leaving the real basketball analysis to the professionals. Also, the game was infuriating and I don’t want to talk about it. Since most of the Minutos clan was watching the game in person, I felt it was my responsibility to provide highlights from the television broadcast:

• Though it was the 10th anniversary of the first game ever played in the AAA, Eric and Tony spent little time waxing nostalgic, instead focusing on the Beas Markie’s fro. According to Jax, this was a one-time only fro appearance, but there was no explanation of why today, why not before, and why not the rest of the season.

In case you missed it, behold the fro:

Eric Reid claimed to have worn a similar hairstyle back in high school in Massapequa, NY. Tony then accused him of trying to seem taller to attract the ladies, which Reid didn’t deny.

• With 7 minutes left in the first quarter, J.O. blocked a half-hearted Diaw shot. Since we were up about 300 points, the boys were feeling loose and Tony suggested that Diaw might have put on a few pounds, since he looked like he was unable to jump. Chortles all around.

• With 4:55 left in the first, Q Rich missed a three and B-Easy dunks on the follow. Reid, losing his cool a bit: “OOOOOOHHHHH! The afro lives!”

• More gloating to end the first quarter, as Reid charts the Bobcats’ “dubious fortunes” with recent first-round picks, which include, among other notables, Adam Morrison.

• Halftime treat: Hot Seconds with Jax, featuring Supercool Beas.

Current standings:

1. Chalmers – 10 points
2. Quinn – 5
3. Coach Spo – 5
4. Q-Rich – 5
5. Natural Butterfingers – 3
6. UD – 2
7. Cook – 2
8. James Jones - 2

Question 1 for Mike made me wish O. and P. were watching: “On the show SpongeBob SquarePants, what is Mr. Krabs’ first name?”

It took Mike about 1/10th of a second to answer: “Eugene.” Sounds like he’d fit right in here at Dos headquarters, where SpongeBob plays in a continuous loop. Of course, O and P Minutos are 7 and 5 years old, and Beas will be 21 in 8 days…

Question 2: Beasley is the highest draft pick in Heat history (#2), but who is the next highest? Unfortunately, Mike answered before Jax finished the question, and he answered incorrectly. Nope, it’s not D. Wade (#5); it’s Glen Rice (#4 in the 1989 draft).

Next we came to the interview portion of the show, when Jax asked this very important question about hair: “Is there a commitment to the rows, over the fro, over the tight cut?”

The Beas Markie answered (while slowly turning his head from side to side to model the braids): “Honestly, the only reason I got corn rows is because no one else likes them.”

Okay, great.

Mike finished strong with the final question, which asked that he name 5 mascots from the Big 12 Conference. He did it with ease and aplomb, then snatched the cue cards from Jax and threatened to take over the show and rename it Hot Seconds with The Beas. “Now I’m going to ask YOU some questions…”

7 points total for Mike – vaulted right up there past Spo, Quinn and President Q.

• The rest of the game was depressing and even Eric Reid couldn’t muster any enthusiasm. The only other comment of note occurred in the middle of the 4th quarter. Completely out of the blue, Tony said: “You know, with that afro, Beasley looks like an old professional basketball player, Bingo Smith.” Eric Reid responded with a long silence.

In case you, unlike Eric, want to delve deeper into the Bingo Smith issue, here you go:

• Steffan Jackson had 35 points and 8 rebounds today, including 4 threes. I think he hates what J. O. did to him when they were teammates in Indiana.

- M. Minutos, reporting from Dos headquarters