Monday, March 26, 2012

Thunder 103 Heat 87

Dos Says: I am sending Snets' post about last night's game from my usual perch at the kitchen table - so good to be home, ladies and gentlemen!  Only saw a couple of minutes of it since I was still with my family in Washington, DC, so I haven't seen the team in a week.  Luckily, over the course of the week, I was "treated" to some quality basketball from the Washington Wizards, who seemingly had a game and lost every night I was in town.  I'll be back with tomorrow's post about tonight's Pacer game, but here's Snets one more time - thanks, Snets!  Come on, let's go, ALLONS-Y!!!

Thunder 103 Heat 87

Tiger finally wins on the PGA Tour, 30 months after his driveway beatdown.  It was a pleasant afternoon watching golf. I used my pool for the first time this season, took the dogs to the dog park -  I had such hopes, dreams and aspirations.  Miss B prepared a lovely dinner.  Who knew of the putrid wretched future that awaited me last evening.  Allons-y

This was supposed to be a challenge game for the HEAT.  Did we meet the challenge – hardly.  This effort was troubling.  We didn’t win a quarter.  OKC was an organized buzz saw and we ran right into it.  There was really nothing that you could say, as in – “well we sucked but at least we did this or that better”.  We looked like the JV team playing the seniors.  They were organized and crisp – we were ridiculous!

21 freaking turnovers and I think that was kind.  I loved the one where Chris Bosh hit LBJ in the back.  But of course after the half time pep talk, we’d have our shit together and come out swinging – NOT!  we opened with 3 straight turnovers. 

The biggest problem last night – our point guard play.  Chalmers and Cole shot a combined 1 for 7.  OKC, obviously watched the tape of the 2nd half of the Detroit game – leave our point guard unguarded and double team somebody else – the strategy is that our 1’s can’t hit the floor if they fell out of bed so let them shoot.  Chalmers was simply beyond description last night – not sure he would have gotten on the floor in the D league with his play.  Cole, his confidence appears shattered – his minutes are going down and his ability to make plays or even try to make plays has disappeared. 

Ibaka and Perkins, who are in there for their D – shot a combined 16 for 22 and had 16 boards between them.  I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out what happened.  Where was our vaunted D?  Odds on 6th man of the year James Harden was 6 for 7 with 6 boards – most of his points scored on fast breaks.  The Thunder had 26 assists on 39 field goals – in other words they played team basketball – and totally outclassed us.  Can we beat this team in a 7 game series? Not bloody likely right now.  Even if we had controlled our turnovers, OKC would not let us get into our sets and chased every ball down – they looked like we do when we are firing on all cylinders. The fans in that arena are nuts.  I mean what else is there to do in Oklahoma – watch the wheat grow?  Do they even grow wheat in Oklahoma?  Turiaf only played 11 minutes but had 4 points and 3 boards.  The dude can catch the ball and put it back.  Even Joel must be hearing steps because he all of a sudden is catching better – but he’s still dropping them too.  We played long stretches last night with no natural 1 and 5 on the floor at the same time.  That smacks of desperation.

James once again in the 4th quarter tried to be the facilitator instead of using his penetration and post up skills.  What gets in this guy’s head.  He needs to get down low and use his size and skill – they should not let him bring the ball up, especially in the 4th quarter.  In fairness, he is not playing at full strength but Jeez Louise Lebron.   No one other than Wade gets mad on this team.  There are times when you have to be nasty – Stephen Jacksony – Kevin Garnetty – someone who grabs, stifles, trash talks when required.  We don’t have that – our coach doesn’t have that.  You need to have that from time to time when your pure talent isn’t working.  Chris Bosh doesn’t have it – he’s a funny guy but he plays like he’s from Europe – sometime it works but when you play a team like this – it is a big hole.  Chalmers certainly doesn’t have it, LBJ for all his bluster doesn’t have that.  Damn it – we need to put some people on their butts from time to time. 

Ok ok it was just a regular season game but we came very close to being absolutely humiliated by this team.  As we slink off to Indy – they left the arena as world beaters – they left that arena thinking, we just beat the dog doo out of the HEAT – NO ONE can beat us – it’s Ring City BABY! 

Or maybe it was all just a clever diversion…….  Welcome back to Dos – I would rather read anything he writes – even with the obscure musical references – time to put on the headphones – I think Blodwyn Pig is up next.

Dos Says: Shots fired in the general direction of the good citizens of OKC!